“Ku I Ka Mana”

The Kula Kaiapuni (Hawaiian Language Immersion School) is a community of
learners. It has no boundaries or limits. It takes the best of the past and present and blends them to prepare the students for the future.

“Children, who are born and raised here in Hawai’i, for them to know the Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian language is to have a sense of identity. For all children, it helps them have a sense of place and a sense of who they really are, and where they are from, the culture and the language. It gives a different perspective on life.”

-Kumu Liko

“This Hawaiian language program is culturally important, because the language and culture is vital and interdependent. The language cannot flourish and develop without the culture…the success and future of the Hawaiian culture and language lies within our keiki. They will become the future leaders and stakeholders of our of our culture and language.

-Kumu Kaunaoa


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