About Kula Kaiapuni O Maui

Nā Kula
(The School)

The goal of the Hawaiian Language Immersion Schools is to provide a high quality education where Hawaiian language and culture serve as the foundation of learning.

Kula Kaiapuni O Maui ma Nāhi’ena’ena is a public school operated under the auspices of the State Department Education. We are considered a school within a school and are administered by the regular school administration.

Curriculum is developed in accordance with the Hawai’i Content and Performance Standards as required by the State of Department of Education. However, Hawaiian Immersion education is unique in that curriculum is enriched by Hawaiian language, culture, mo’olelo, and practice.

Ke Ala Nu’ukia

Achieve quality education based on knowledge of Hawaiian language and culture as the foundation upon which individuals become culturally response, sensitive and productive adults who contribute significantly to all levels of Hawaii’s community and the world.

Ka Nu’ukia

The Hawaiian language and culture shall be the foundation upon which excellence is built, thereby determining, shaping, and guiding the future for all the people of Hawai’i.

(Program Goals)

To provide students opportunities to achieve a high level of proficiency in comprehension and communication in the Hawaiian Language (in various settings).

To enable students to develop a strong foundation of Hawaiian culture and values.

To empower students to become individuals who are responsible and caring members of our community.

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